PIMR envision develop and implement desired interventions in following areas.

1) Organization diagnostic Solutions: Assessment of strengths and weakness of organization for availing specific opportunities.

2) Accelerator Program : Last few years has seen tremendous growth in enterprising activities. The various organization that have been established in last four or five years has unique needs of financing, finding and deploying appropriate human resource, availing benefits of Govt schemes and so forth. PIMR provides high level of support system in generating finance, developing access to markets and all others areas of business operations so as to propel growth of new enterprises.

3) Family Business Solutions Succession Planning, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Development, Estate Planning, Family Meetings and Retreats are supported by RCT.

4) Incubation program Complete solutions to start-ups and early stage companies with competitive research and corporate expertise

5) Functional Area Solutions : Strategizing and supports in execution in various functional areas are offered to clients by RCT wing. IT Strategy, expansion/growth financing, financial & regulatory compliances, human resource managing and optimizing, marketing, sales and branding, digital marketing, operations, productivity, strategy, supply chain, competency assessment and human development are few to name from the long list of solutions.

6) Productivity Solutions: Project management and execution supervisions, Total Quality Management implementation and evaluation, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enabled business process re-engineering.

7) Analytical SolutionsBusiness Analytics and Data Science solutions. Big Data, Data Infrastructure applications. Cloud base applications. CRM applications and Web Based ecommerce applications are major offerings.